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BWA at the United Nations

BWA at the United Nations

Religious Freedom on the World Stage

The BWA holds special consultative status with the United Nations through the UN Economic and Social Council and the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations (CoNGO), which gives the organization opportunity to have a voice in different areas within the United Nations network. The BWA also holds representation on the UN Human Rights Council and plays an active role on the Committee on Religious NGOs at the United Nations. Representation is provided by six BWA volunteers serving in both Europe and in New York, USA.




Baptists played a key role in ensuring that religious freedom was at the center of the UN's agenda. As global leaders came together in 1945 to create the UN, J.  M.  Dawson, the chairperson of what is now the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, delivered a hundred thousand petitions from Baptists around the country asking for the UN to include the fundamental right of religious freedom for all. This right was enshrined by Article 18 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.


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Commission on Religious freedom -members Section


The BWA Commission on Religious Freedom works on several key UN engagement initiatives. Members of the Commission can access the collaborative action spaces for unique resources, calendars, and discussion forums by clicking on the links below.


The BWA Commission on Religious Freedom is collecting information on how the following countries are upholding their commitment to religious freedom for their citizens to share in a report as part of the UN Universal Periodic Review Process. 

If you have any information on incidents of religious persecution or discrimination through laws or actions in any of the below countries, please use our “Share Your Story” forum to help inform the BWA’s UN reports. 


  • Sudan
  • South Sudan
  • Thailand
  • Venezuela